Our Principle



The Principle of Elmadağ Law Firm, since its foundation to today, is to provide advocacy and counseling service to its clients based on the integrity and diligence.

The main purpose of Elmadağ Law Firm is to secure the justice while offering its experience in the legal field. Elmadağ Law Firm doesn't make any discrimination based on race, color, ethnic origin, gender, language and religion, political and ideological ideas.

Elmadağ Law Firm carries out legal services according the legal regulations and demands of its clients within the time set. Elmadağ Law Firm has demonstrated in practice that it has the tools and know- how to fully meet and triumph over these challenges to the benefit of our clients.

We analyze the legal question of everyone, according to the highest standards of the profession by addressing clients benefit. For this purpose, Elmadağ Law Firm always shows required attention and courtesy to clients regarding all sorts of questions related to the legal matters that they may have and undertakes to provide the exact information, as soon as possible.

Our clients areentitledto havea rightto expressthemselveswithout any influence. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional, practical and professional legal advice in a prompt, friendly, efficient and cost effective manner. Elmadağ Law Firms' main goal is to convert its services into a long-term business relationship with the clients on the basis of mutual reliance and sincerity.

Elmadağ Law Firm serves its client with an appropriate legal minimum wages and this fee would be according the fee schedule that has been published by Istanbul Bar Association. Our Clients are entitled to be charged a reasonable fee and to have Elmadağ Law Firm to explain at the outset how the fee will be computed and the manner and frequency of billing.

Confidentiality is of paramount importance in our firm. Elmadağ Law Firm never discloses any confidential information beyond the representation except when authorized in writing by a client.

We offer timely, comprehensible advice on how our clients may lawfully exercise their powers when they are facing a challenge in the legal field. We help our clients to ensure that their decision-making is fair and strong.

Elmadağ Law Firm's main principle is to provide the legal service at the highest quality standards in each phase of the service in accordance with ethical norms and professional rules. Our professionals are bound by ethical standards of behavior and strictly stick on to legal professions of code of conduct.

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