Elmadağ Law & Consultancy is a law firm performing national and international legal service since 1995. Elmadağ provides consultancy services in public-private partnership, international arbitration, litigation, real estate, merger and acquisition fields; it also provides legal solutions and services in commercial law, penal law, enforcement law, administrative law, tax law, law of banking and financial law fields for both private and legal persons. Additionally, Elmadağ Law Firm is giving services in various fields of law to major Turkish companies and international investors within extensive financial and administrative projects of Turkey. Furthermore, our firm provides qualified legal services via our partners in Europe, Asia, Pacific, North America, Africa and Middle East, for some of the world's distinguished and outstanding financial institution and organizations. Elmadağ Law and Consultancy also operates legal services in Ankara since its foundation date.

Elmadağ Law and Consultancy who has operated in its central office based in Istanbul World Commercial Center between 2009 and 2016, is continuing its operations in its new office situated in Şişli Esentepe since the beginning of 2017.

Elmadağ Law and Consultancy keeps growing fast since its inception and takes its place among the most eligible and biggest law firms of the country. Elmadağ broadens and increases the scope of the service it provides to its clients every passing year.

Elmadağ Law and Consultancy perform services to its clients both in national and international level with advanced infrastructure systems and technological appointments, which are the needed of a modern corporate law office.