Founder's Message

Law is a discipline that involves all kind of behaviours and actions of all persons and institutions from their birth till their death, and therefore will last as long as humankind lasts and will continuously develop and evolve according to the progress of people and society.

Elmadağ Law Office carries out his activities from past to today with this consciousness. We fulfil the needs of our clients with fast and efficient methods from day one. Our society is fastly transforming due to scientific and technological developments. Due to the social impacts of this fast improvement, new legislations are being made on both national and international scale. We believe that the duty of a lawyer is not only to follow the recent developments but also to make contribution to this development within the bounds of his/her possibility. Our Office is following the implementation of all these developments and provides the necessary support for his clients and keeps improving his field of activity.

Elmadağ Law Office who has continued his existence in law business in the light of respect and confidence has formed long lasting national and international cooperations. Within this framework our Office is creating solutions in international standards.

Our main principles are being proactive in our services and producing punctual and efficient solutions, and in exceptional circumstances taking initiative and making direct interventions and giving notification promptly to our clients. Moreover we keep our informed of our actions and their impacts through regular reports. Our Office gives weight to the production, pursuing and sharing of data and information and therefore follows closely the academic studies. We try to make our contribution to law field with the lectures we give, with the trainings and conferences we organize and with the academic studies we issue.

We keep taking firm steps forward in the practice of this honourable profession with these values for 24 years and adopted the principle of creating efficient and permanent solutions for our clients. Our purpose is to consolidate the place we attained in legal business both in national and international scale and establish new cooperations.

Attn. Dr. Ramazan ARITÜRK